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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

GREEN Greens Soup for a Cold White Wintery Day

SPRING is just around the corner ~ Winter is ALMOST over - or so it seems (and what a relief after sub-zero temps that seemed to be never-ending). - a balmy high of 36 today, dropping back down to -8 tomorrow.....

So until then.......here's a soup recipe that I have rediscovered this winter.  This is not a raw recipe but uses low heat - you can adjust to your preferences.  It can also be made without steaming and just blending in the Vita-Mix - still good but the taste does change a bit.  And....it's a great base soup with a variety of options to add in after and make it your own.

Green Greens Soup 

This recipe was adapted from an Urban Organics newsletter from 1996 or 7 - Brooklyn - a full page of HANDWRITTEN recipes.  (Oh i miss those days).  Super easy and really tasty - even Miguel (my teen son)  liked it and he usually doesn't go for anything THAT green. 

This soup is also excellent on it's own or makes a great base for adding other yummy ingredients to create your own tasty version. (see suggestions below)


5 cups of greens*
1 fresh chili pepper (green, red, or both)
Black Pepper & Salt (I use pink Himalayan) to taste (I like this with lots of pepper)
1-3 cloves garlic (optional to taste)3 cups of water (sometimes I'm in the mood for concentrate so I only add 1 cup - or less)

*I use 2-3 cups of spinach and whatever other greens I have on hand. When available, use wild greens such as stinging nettles, miners lettuce, lambs quarters, watercress, etc. - more on this in another blog : )
Lightly steam greens, garlic, & chili pepper. Remove chilies - puree greens & garlic - add salt & pepper, return to pot with chilies - warm to desired temp. If you have a vita-mix, you can use that to blend AND warm in place of the re-heating (or heating at all - see below note)  - depending on what temp you desire.

Original recipe calls to add all ingredients bring to boil and simmer for 20 minutes - I only steam until wilted a few minutes at most. You can also just blend in a vita-mix although still yummy, it does have different taste. Original recipe calls for 2T wheat to make the broth thicker - if I want a thicker soup I either adjust the water or substitute kudzu root.

Optional toppings:  Add veggies, fresh herbs,  stir in a small dash of fire-cider or a drizzle of olive oil with a dash of black pepper essential oil (therapeutic grade only!).  Recipe suggests garlic croutons - I add the left over pieces of my raw onion crackers - perfect : )   
~ Enjoy......AND for everyone experiencing the crazy winter - stay warm and for those who are not - well, send some warmth and sunshine our way please. 

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