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Friday, September 7, 2012


Barefoot Gardening - the BEST
A big THANK YOU to the Earth Goddesses (and Earth Humans) for this year's abundant Garden RAINBOW of........................... 

 Pretty PINK Potatoes & Radishes

Precious PURPLE Carrots, Cabbage, Eggplant (only one), Potatoes, Onions, Beans, Basil & Radicchio

Racey RED Hot Peppers, Carrots, Amaranth. Kale, Lettuce, Potatoes, & of course Tomatoes;  

Cutest CANDY color Red & White Striped Beets; and Green n Yellow STRIPED Tomatoes

 Yummy YELLOW Golden Beets, Squash, Carrots, Corn, Potatoes, Onions, & Tomatoes;


Ostentatious ORANGE:  Pumpkins & Squashes

Wintery WHITE onions, potatoes, radish, & parsnip

Real RAINBOW colored swiss chard; 

Gorgeously GREEN:

  tomatillos, Basil Holy, Sweet & Italiano, epazote, chives, parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme, smokey fennel, oregano, nettles, dandellion, purslane, lambsquarters, kale,collards, cabbages, sweet peas, lovely lettuces, crunchy celery, cukes, zukes, bok choi, pac choi, broccoli........



and I'm sure I've forgotten something in there............

Oh ............the FLOWERS.......... 


well that's a whole other blog.

Hope everyone enjoyed Mother Earth's blessings of abundance abound & a most AMAZING summer!

Next up:  Can you be in love with 2 herbs at the same time?  My new love affair with Holy Basil - aromatic, beautiful, healing, calming, centering, and most important TASTY....recipes coming soon.